Recommended-Partner-300x300Welcome to my new home! My last home got a bit trashed as befits a Megastar who’s as Megastarish as me so I abandoned it and built a new one and………here it is! Like it? Of course you all know who I am by now so I need no introduction. I am your very favourite Megastar imp from Grimney. This may surprise many of you – especially Grimnien – but…..I have now learned how to walk on my feet! That’s right folks I am no longer inverted so………welcome to the new UPRIGHT Megastar formerly known as the ‘inverted imp’. I am now an upstanding citizen of your planet:-)



This bit is written by someone else, Gongle can’t read it as I have put an invisible screen over it so that only humans can see it.

For anyone who is not familiar with Gongleshanks please note:

Please do not be offended by anything the imp says. Bear in mind that he is not human and that the planet where he comes from has no electricity. The men still hunt with bows and arrows and are not subject to political correctness. If the imp comes over as chauvinistic it’s because he is!

Because he was created with a silver spoon in his big mouth he believes that his wealth makes him irresistable – particularly to the opposite sex. He really does have more money than sense. He also believes that he is the biggest Megastar in the Universe and that there is one rule for him and one for the rest of the inhabitants of the universe.

He may come across as crass and insensitive but that’s just because he is!

In reality Gongleshanks is like a child and doesn’t have a clue about life but……Please don’t tell him I said that. He loves music, books, art and anyone creative which is why he promotes these people on Twitter along with his Grimnien colleagues.

He rarely has anything complimentary to say about anyone except for himself so if he is rude please let his comments go over your head. That is the best way to deal with the imp. His colleagues and followers who know him well just go along with him.

In truth he is a big softy and would be mortified if he thought he had upset anyone. He IS mischievous and naughty but never intentionally cruel.

Forewarned is forearmed.

from Wikipedia:

“Imps were often portrayed as lonely little creatures, always in search of human attention. They often used jokes and pranks as a means of attracting human friendship, which often backfired when people became tired or annoyed of the imp’s endeavors, usually driving it away.

Even if the imp was successful in getting the friendship it sought, it often still played pranks and jokes on its friend, either out of boredom or simply because this was the nature of the imp. This trait gave way to using the term “impish” for someone who loves pranks and practical jokes”

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. You sure one fascinating imp. I hope to join you on your travels throughout our home. Seems you have a lot to learn about us! I did enjoy your blog!!


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