Megastar has moved

Hello!………..Tis me, Gongle!

Now, you may think I’ve been a tad quiet of late and I shall tell you the reason why? I have been building a new home ….. with a little help from a wizard friend who shall remain nameless 🙂

Megastar Gongle

You may remember me telling you that my fan – erm I mean friend –  Paul Davies, agreed to write some guest blogs for the Grimniens? Well, I told him that I was building a new bachelor pad and, BLOW ME DOWN, guess who’s been knocking on my door ALL afternoon? Only the Davies one, tch! Some humans, I tell you.

Well, I ignored his desperate knocking for a few hours but in the end he was starting to give me a headache, so I relented and opened the door.

“What do YOU want?” I demanded.

He grinned from ear to ear whilst handing me a manuscript.

“Hello Gongle,” he replied, with the ear to ear grin still in situ. “I’ve written something for you to put into your brand new, shiny blog!”

TCH! Since that P.A.Davies became an award winning author, there’s no holding him down and so this is why I’m inviting you to look around my cosy new pad – before it’s even finished – just so you can read the post from award winning Paul Davies.  You humans. I despair sometimes, I really do!

You can find his latest post under ‘Guest Blogs’ and be sure to leave him feedback or he’ll sulk … again … TCH!

Award winning writer

I shall write an interesting post for you soon but in the meantime you can amuse yourselves reading Paul’s post ……..sorry Paul, I forgot to give you your full title… off you go fans and amuse yourselves reading Award winning Paul’s post!

Love Gongle x


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