Hidden Gems

Hi everyone

You may remember that one of our writers – Melodie Melia – wrote a series called Hidden Gems for Celebrity VoiceBoxLive last year. I have decided to repeat the series here on my blog as (fingers crossed) she will be working on series 2 shortly. So for those of you who missed her first series I will be copying the articles here over the next few days.

Love Gongle

Introducing ‘Hidden Gems’

by Melodie Melia

I am currently working on a series of interviews/articles for Celebrity VoiceBoxLive. The purpose of these articles is to introduce you to some extremely talented musicians/singers/writers who you may not have heard of.

As many of you will know the staff at VoiceBoxLive like to help creative people to be heard by giving them a voice away from the ‘mainstream’ outlets.

VBL is manned by volunteers who give their time to help the many and varied creatives ‘out there’ irrespective of age, experience etc. All we look for in a person is talent.

During the past two years spent on Twitter getting to know people and being introduced to many artists, writers and musicians etc. our team have come to the conclusion that there are a huge number of extremely talented people who need a little bit of help to be seen/heard.

All I ask is that after reading these articles, please visit their websites, links etc. and if you like what you hear PLEASE give them your support by buying their CD’s and spreading the word about them.

These artistes/musicians spend a lot of time and money perfecting their art in order to entertain us and the least we can do is to lend them our support.

Thank you

Melodie Melia x


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