Keith and Jenny Raby

This week’s ‘Gems’ are a married couple from the North West. They work as a duo gigging the length and breadth of the country and sometimes as a trio when their daughter, Tiz’ joins them on keyboards. Both have been working in the music industy professionally since leaving school and have certainly served their apprenticeship.

Keith had his own recording studio years ago where he worked on records for the likes of Freddie and the Dreamers and the late Bernie Nolan.


They are proficient in the art of song writing and have quite a catalogue of original material in their archives.They had three songs shortlisted for the Brit writers awards at the 02 arena July 2010. You can listen to one of them ‘I’ll be there’  below: …

These days the couple write in the Christian music genre after becoming ‘Born again Christians Their first album was reviewed by our very own Steve Luff who was quite impressed. He wrote:

“Right from the first track it is clear that their experience is present in spade loads! Jenny delivers a strong vocal performance throughout the album, reminding me of Sandi Thom in places.


Keith on the other hand proves that music is his forte with skills that would put some musicians to shame.”


He goes on to say:

“Keith’s musical skills are highly apparent on tracks like “Battlefield”

and the outstanding guitar playing on “I Cry Out To You”. The latter is also the strongest of the self penned songs which generally fit into the ‘worship’ category. One of things I appreciate about this collection is the couple are not afraid of diversify the musical arrangements especially in the percussion department, just listen to “Jesus You’re The One” with good headphones on!”

I caught up with Jenny and Keith recently and they were excited about the forthcoming release of their second Christian album entitled: “The Floodgates” which

Is almost ready for release. I asked how the second album differs from the first and what they hope to achieve with it

Jenny replied:

“This album has been a two and a half year journey for us, and we feel it reflects how our relationship with God has developed and deepened!!! The first album was really about our excitement of getting to know God and our gratitude for what Jesus was willing to do, for even the most normal of people like us!!!!

We are still excited and grateful and just want to use the gifts that Jesus has given us to tell people about him and express our love for him!!! “

I asked about the song writing process, what comes first the melody or the lyrics and who does which?

Keith said:

“Our songwriting differs each time, either Jenny will come up with a lyric and melody, and I will work the chords out, or I will play Jenny an idea and then we work together in bringing it out and developing it into a song, or one of us will be inspired with a whole song and it just needs getting out into the air and putting down and making it a reality (which we are always the most grateful for and pleased with).  Jenny will sometimes work out chords and melody and lyrics  on guitar and then I will do the production and editing side of things or I will get a chord structure and melody idea and then we will just build on that!

The process is really different for every track, and we just go with whatever is flowing, and we have come to know each other and how we write so well, that we have now got a formula that between us both just works.We both have equal roles in all of our songs, and love the way each other works”

This is the reason we love writing so much, and hope to be able to continue on……….

We are hoping to reach whatever audience God has planned for us to reach, and we love to give the c.d’s out to prisoners and other underprivileged people whenever we do Gospel events, it is always nice when people want to donate to our ministry too by buying the c.d’s if they are in a position too!!!

The reason we write these songs is out of Passion for the message that has saved and transformed our lives, and our prayer is that God will use this C.D for his glory!!!!


This is a promotional video for the gigs they do as a duo:

You can join Jenny and Keith on facebook:…

Visit their website:








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