The Spins

The Spins

The founder members of this band, Marcello and Alessia have been friends with the Grimniens on Twitter for quite some time and considering their huge following they often take time out to speak to their followers and have a bit of fun, We like that J

The Spins were formed by Alessia Mattalia in 2011 and have had many different musicians playing with them since. The two original members Alessia and Marcello are currently working with their new band members on an  EP which they hope will be out in March 2016

Here is an early video of Alessia and Marcello pre – Spins days: …

The current line up of the band is as follows:

Alessia Mattalia

Alessia has been on the professional drumming scene since 1990. She was the drummer for Italian pop band B-NARIO who were the oprning act for Michael Jackson’s History World Tour in Milan on June 18th 1997. She played on Jeff Beck’s Grammy award winning track ‘Hammerhead’ featured on the album ‘Emotion and Commotion.’ She is also the Official endorser of 1710 PERCUSSION drums,
UFIP Cymbals and PRO ORCA drumsticks.


The Spins keyboardist and main composer, occasionally lead and backing vocalist.

His first hit was the dance track ‘I Wish You’ (1994. Proprio records) Over 48,000 copies sold in Europe. Ten years later ArX (the alt rock Italian band) did a power pop cover of the track which was used as the ending theme on a national radio programme,DEMO on radioRAI1. Marcello’s first single for the Spins ‘Hello Baby’ (2005 Dying Giraffe recordings) reached number 14 in radio WaveMonitor charts. He also composed a rock suite based on the first 8 bars of the Italian opera I Due Foscari  by Giuseppe Verdi, which the Spins performed on the inauguration day of the official celebrations for 150 years of italian political unity.

Mai Agan: bass (

mai …

Mai was born in Estonia Her tireless work ethic, astonishing creativity, open-mindness as a musician and versatility has raised her name among Scandinavian top musicians.She has toured/recorded/shared the stage with Doug Seegers, Carola, Jackson Browne, Greg Leisz and David Crosby to name a few!


Ludovic Briand: guitar (


After a few formational years in the music schools in Valette du Var and Pradet, Ludo took up the guitar at 12, influenced by Brian Adams, Queen, Toto and all the Californian music of the 80s.  He joined his first cover band at 15, then settled down as a salesman for Steel Music in Toulon for almost 10 years.  Through his encounters, Ludo participated in a variety of projects, composition groups, the Gregg Bissonette Mapex tour, Fender France (Ludo and Seb’s videos, stratocaster VG Tour, the music salon in Paris) demonstrations for the Line 6 and Guitar Tv brands, and for Bose. Arrangements / accompaniment for artists : Atef and Akram Sedkaoui, Patrice Carmona, Fanet, Lusitana, Dave and Didier Barbelivien.

Amy Danielle: vocals

At the time of writing Amy had just joined and was recording some tracks in Manchester so there is little information about her at the moment……Watch this space!

The Spins’  biggest success to date was the song ‘Never let it go’ which received over a million views on You tube in just four months.

The band line up when they released ‘Never let it go’ was:

MARCELLO GIORDANO: keyboards and backing vocals
SILVIA CERNICCHIARO: bass and backing vocals

I asked Alessia how she started playing drums and she replied…..

“I started playing drums after having seen a video clip of Toto, honestly I don’t remember the song.

In the 80’s there was an Italian channel called Videomusic, everyday back from school I turned on the TV and watched videos for 4 or 5 hours.

I don’t know exactly why Jeff Porcaro struck me that way, but I began playing drums because of him.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the process of recording your new EP? It must be a logistical nightmare getting everyone together in Manchester for the recording sessions?

“No, everyone of us is used to catch a flight and go where the work is waiting. It’s been more difficult to find a period of time in which all of us were free from our solo projects and engagements, but thanks to Marcello’s ability all the pieces fell into the right place.”

What are your hopes for the future?

“Actually The Spins are a musical project. We hope that the new EP will gain enough visibility to transform The Spins in a real band, able not only to record great music but to hit the road and play live also”.

Do you like what the Grimniens are doing on Twitter (VoiceBoxLive) ? Obviously yes, thanks to you we’re gaining lot of fans who otherwise would probably not know we exist.

The Spins

Thank you Spins for your time:-)


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