Happy New Year:-)

OK so I may be a bit late but…….you know me, I like to stand out from the crowd! So Happy New Year to my fans.

You may have noticed I’m tweeting a lot lately about lost and stolen dogs. We Grimniens don’t just help creatives you know, we like to help all humans.I can’t believe how many dogs are getting stolen lately so my megastarly advice to you dog owners is: NEVER leave your dog unattended because there are some wicked humans on this planet – and I mean wicked in the old fashioned sense of the word. I hate seeing people breaking their hearts over missing dogs so I will continue to retweet about them in the hope that these poor owners may be reunited with their pets.

If you are reading this blog and you follow Gongle22 (my original blog) please note that I no longer have access to that blog. This is where you’ll find me now so if you follow Gongle22 please follow this blog instead as I fear Gremlins or Morton Balthus have invaded the original blog, TCH!

You may have noticed Steve Luff is not broadcasting on BlackCat radio at the moment, I have it on good authority that he has been kidnapped by music loving aliens and is somewhere on the other side of the galaxy. He’s passing on his musical knowledge and last I heard he was up to Stock, Aitken and Waterman so we expect his return sometime in April. Either that or it’s something to do with Black Cat radio going all posh on us and getting a license to broadcast on the actual radio.

Steve Luff Kidnapped by aliens

so Well Done to everyone at Black Cat radio…………….. yes there are other DJ’s there too but we particularly like Steve because he gives us lots of support:-)

Not one for being idle – unlike this megastar – Steve has set up a new facebook page where he is continuing to share music (presumably there’s a good phone signal at the other side of the galaxy) Today he shared a version of one of my favourite Jackson Browne songs. It’s a cover by Kiki Dee and it’s been going round my head all day so I thought I’d steal erm borrow it and post it here for you to enjoy:


and here’s the original:

Right, that’s all the news for now, I haven’t got time to be hanging round here with you rabble all day you know!

You are, as always, welcome to send lots of praise and admiration for your favourite Megastar! See you soon.

Love Gongle x


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