Good News!

Hello fans:-)

I just wanted to let you know that Melodie Melia is too busy to do another series of ‘Hidden Gems’ Since working for VoiceBoxLive she has been offered a very senior position with some International newspaper so good riddance to her I say!

Anyway I’ve decided that I’m going to do the next series, yes I’m actually taking time out of my extremely busy, Megastar lifestyle to do this for you! In fact I’m already in the process of interviewing my first victi ………… erm ‘Gem’ so watch this space!

Believe me, you’re in for a treat! I predict that my first Hidden Gem will go on to be a big star ………obviously, not a Megastar like me (let’s keep it realistic eh?)

I can’t wait to share my discovery with you because when I do you’ll be even more in awe of me than you already are. (Is this even possible??)

I won’t commit to doing the series every week or even every month because – unlike Ms Melia I do have a life:-) but I’ll share them with you as and when I feel like it.

On another note I dumped my last girlfriend because she kept expecting ME to do the washing up!! TCH! So ladies this multibillionaire Megastar is on the market again for a new cleane …..erm girlfriend:-)

Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Love Gongle x


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