Millie Manders


Millie Manders

Today’s hidden gem is a ‘lady’ – and I use the term loosely – by the name of Millie Manders, lead vocalist with Millie Manders and the Shutup.  She wrote a song about me – I realised it was about me when she kept singing ‘You’re so pretty, You’re so pretty’ and although she was being complimentary I pointed out to her that I found it a bit scarey for some reason.  She replied:

‘IT IS!!! [about you] I clearly didn’t squeeze hard enough though. I’ll try harder.’

I must admit I hadn’t realised she was making freshly squeezed lemonade at the time (My favourite! How did she know?)

Bless her, she is so sweet she even takes her teddy bear on stage with her when she’s performing as you will see when you listen to my song here;

I really like the black outfit she wears in the video, it looks like it was designed by Yoko Ono:-)

I asked Millie how difficult it was to train those animals to play instruments:

‘IT TOOK FOREVER!. I mean… they had to be domesticated first, which was pretty messy. I had to have newspaper EVERYWHERE. They can still be pretty vicious but tummy rubs and treats usually gets them to perform.

Aha, Now I see why you humans buy those newspapers even though they’re full of cr*p!

Millie’s is quite a tragic story really. Being a sensitive imp I told her she didn’t have to talk about her accident if she didn’t feel comfortable. I realised after watching her video Little Big Mouth that she’d had extensive surgery on her lips and even her tongue! Poor Millie:

I couldn’t help noticing that your mouth is now held together by screws, what happened?

‘I’m actually part android. It was a temporary measure due to a jaw malfunction. They have been removed now but I still bare the scars…’

Oh …NOW I see why it’s called punk/scar music!

And, as for being part android …. <Gongle turns away and laughs into his hand> Mmmmmm she clearly doesn’t want to talk about the accident so I’ll change the subject.

You seem to have some ‘anger issues’ which is a shame for such a pretty little thing:-) Maybe you should try to get it sorted?

‘Oh people have tried to help……’

She trails off sadly so I offer some advice;

I have heard tell that a good way for a woman  to get rid of feelings of anger is to get hold of a duster and some polish and give the house a good ‘bottoming’ – as you humans say. A good hoover might help too …….

While I’m in advice-giving mode I decide to give her some advice on her song choices:

LADY! You can sing! but should you not be showing your voice off by singing sweet songs like ‘Over the rainbow’ or ‘Climb every mountain’ ? I mean if you insist on neglecting your housework and going out to sing at least those songs are more appropriate for a ‘lady.’ Just a little suggestion to help you with your career dear:-)

I was happy that she decided to take my advice on board when she replied:

‘Thank you!!! I shall absolutely take that into consideration.’

but then she spoilt it by adding:

‘I’m not sure if I start singing them they will stay so sweet though… haha!’

Oh dear, she clearly believes her own publicity, Tch!

Actually you know this wise old imp’s advice may not be too far off the mark. Just have a listen to this beautiful cover of Brown Eyed Girl:

Oooh that left me feeling all warm inside:-) I wonder if someone shot her with a tranquiliser dart before that recording:-)

Millie and her band are appearing at the famous Rebellion Festival in Blackpool this year so I asked

Is it the first time you’ve played there? Are you excited about it?

‘Yeah it is. SO excited!! Such a huge deal for us to get a slot on the Intro Stage, and for me to be playing the Almost Acoustic stage. I can’t wait!!’

So What is the best gig you’ve done so far?

‘That’s a really tough question. One of my favourites this year was my first home town show at The Owl Sanctuary after moving back to Norwich. The place was rammed and everyone had so much fun.

Tramlines last year was insane. First time we’ve looked out at literally thousands of people as we played.
Boomtown is always amazing. The atmosphere, the people, the bands are all my favourite thing.’
I could go on… I just love playing music and seeing people enjoy it.’


So what is Millie’s ultimate musical ambition?

‘To be able to be self sufficient through touring and songwriting. That’s it. No fame flag. I just don’t want it to stop.’

Don’t you worry dear, now that you’re one of Gongle’s Hidden Gems you are on the map for life!:-)

Thank you Millie for taking up so much of my valuable time!!  Only joking, it was an absolute pleasure chatting to you and finally ……What are you doing tonight? <Gongle looks hopeful>

‘Ummmm…. Washing my hair?’
TCH! Your hair looks fine to me ……..Tomorrow?? ………No?……..the day after?……….

If you want to find out more about the gorgeous singer with exceptionally clean hair click on the following links:

As always folks, if you enjoy Millie’s music please visit her site and buy some of her songs:-)

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