The Trembling Wilburys

I don’t normally feature tribute bands but I was completely ‘taken’ by this one, let’s face it you’re never going to experience the Travelling Wilbury’s live so this is the next best thing!

I’ve taken this next bit from their website as, even the great Gongle couldn’t have explained it better:

‘If you’re looking for a tribute band with a difference, who play an incredible variety of songs by some of rock’s greatest heroes, then you’re in the right place. The Trembling Wilburys pay perfect homage to the Traveling Wilburys, the amazing supergroup formed in 1988 by George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan and the late great Tom Petty (R.I.P.) with hits including “Handle With Care”, “End Of The Line” & “She’s My Baby” as well as their incredible solo catalogues, plus Beatles & ELO songs.

The original Wilburys never played live as sadly the great “Big O” passed away shortly after the release of their debut album in 1988, but luckily the Trembling Wilburys can bring you their version of the “show that never was” with an incredibly uplifting 2 hours of fantastic music. In addition the band features two of the closest look-&-sound-alikes of any tribute act, with Glen Knowler being the living double of George Harrison ,while Dave Collison perfectly captures Roy Orbison’s unique vocal range and look. Absolutely NO WIGS in this band, folks!’

Glen Knowler as George Harrison
Dave Collison as Roy Orbison
Andy McNish as Bob Dylan & Tom Petty
Marko Laver as Jeff Lynne
Dzal Martin – lead guitar
Howard Robin – keyboards
Dave Stark – drums

I contacted Dave Collison for a chat, he’s the one who looks and sounds very much like the legend who was Roy Orbison.


Dave also works as a Roy Orbison tribute act and here’s a taster:

So, Dave, I believe you are a professional identity thief? I have heard humans talk about identity theft, it is quite clever of you to make a career out of it!

‘I’m not actually a human. I’ve only really spent the last 46 of my 546 years on this planet and have learned to become something of a chameleon.’

, Dave Collison ??

See that folks? He’s already trying to steal my identity by pretending he’s not from this planet and claiming that he’s older than me! TCH!

Who came up with the name – Trembling Wilburys? – That was what first caught my attention and made me laugh!

‘Not me! I wanted to call the band the Flying Mullberries! The band was originally called the Dave Stark Five (after our drummer/manager), then they met me and we sang together at The Castle and then they met Glen. When they realised I looked and sang like Roy Orbison and Glen looked and sounded like George Harrison, the Trembling Wilburys were formed.’

I would have called them the Ravelling Twillburys but then – I am a genius!

OK time for a song from the Trembling Wilburys/Flying Mulberries/Ravelling Twillburys/ delete as appropriate.

How did you meet and start working with that other identity thief (George Harrison)?

‘The manager of the band met me at a pub in London called The Castle on Finchley Road and at the same time he was at Abbey Road for a plaque unveiling and he met Glen. He put two and two together and the Trembling Wilburys tribute band was born’

Have you contacted Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne to ask if they want to join the band?

‘No, we haven’t directly contacted either of them but our manager Dave Stark did speak to Jeff Lynne about the band after which we very quickly received a letter from his solicitors asking us to change our logo!’


I have to say I LOVE this next video and I listened to this and the original back to back and it’s pretty close to the original! I still think Jeff Lynne should join this band:

A big thank you to Christina Neal (Dave’s manager) for making this possible and for putting up with all my pestering:-)

To learn more about the Trembling Wilburys, George Harrison tribute and Roy Orbison tribute visit the following links:





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