Laura Rain

Detroit’s Laura Rain and the Caesars transform funky soul and r&b into their own unique vision. Inspired by the spirit of classic recordings of a bygone era, Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression with a powerful and soulful voice.

Formed in the Motor City in 2012 with her husband George Friend, the pair set off on a creative journey writing and recording their own music. The two garnered many accolades within the music press and radio with their debut release “Electrified” in 2013. Performing with a stripped down lineup of organ, guitar and drums the band developed it’s signature sound, and cultivated a vintage toned energetic foundation.

Laura plays in a duo with husband George and also with the band ‘The Caesars’


And so the interview begins:
I love your fluffy dress but …. Why do you wrap your legs in tinfoil?

‘I have my legs wrapped up in tinfoil like baked potatoes to keep my bun in the oven warm, like Big Bird in an incubator. Ha! I was 7 1/2 months pregnant at this photo shoot. Feathers and foil!  A space age pregnant feathery creature from another universe. The dress and photo pay homage to Jane Fonda in Barberella. As I consider myself a retro gal, I always attempt to reinvent and interpret glamorous femme icons from the past.’

I see you are not just a singer but you also juggle with records?

‘Yes, so much so that I fell on the floor and couldn’t get up. George and the photographer had to pry me off the floor all the while we were laughing uncontrollably. What a scene! The records were piled on top of me at this photoshoot to disguise my 9 1/2 months pregnant belly.’

This was the first video I saw of Laura and I was hooked:

 Do you find that George tends to turn your microphone down a lot?

‘No, he just turns his amp up to ten.

Oh I see, so it doesn’t go up to eleven then 😂 Does he keep a lot of aspirin at home? If so have you ever wondered why??

‘Yes, we have a large bottle of Excedrine in the house at all times. Yep, I am a screamer.’

Yes but at least you ‘scream’ in tune:

I think George is struggling to keep a straight face in that video, he nearly cracks a smile at one point. Is it cos he knows what’s in the incubator?

‘Yes, the “Hidden Gem,” in the incubator is a direct consequence of  being in a “Pleasure Zone,” when safety precautions are not taken. (Giggle)
 And Yes, he is the father of baby and husband.’
Well, congratulations to you both but ….. I hope that baby’s voice isn’t as loud as yours or neither of you will be getting much sleep!

Time for another song:

To find out more about Laura and her band visit the following links:

Thank Laura for being a hidden gem:-)

If you like the music please support Laura and her family by buying their music!

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