Jon Magnusson

“I can still remember knocking on your door
Just to say goodbye my friend
Your father took my hand and shook his head
You had already gone away”


Jon Magnusson is a Swedish songwriter/musician/producer/audio engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. With a great width in music taste he also likes to blend a lot of influences into his creative process. That said, if put in a category, the music he plays is independent folk rock, with inspiration from such different styles like punk, jazz and old school soul.

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So Jon I suppose it was only natural that you would take up the guitar. After all you Vikings love your axes don’t you??😂

‘Yeah. It was either the guitar or starting sacrificing animals during Christmas time. And since the neighbour farmer started to get suspicious I went for the guitar!’

I’m so glad you chose the guitar! Otherwise we may never have got to hear this beautiful – but very sad – song:

There is something about the Swedish accent, it is musical in itself so I have chosen to share one of Jon’s songs in his own language, after all music is an international language:

I have NO idea what it’s about but it’s very good:-)

It’s very good timing for you to be featured as a hidden gem with Abba recently announcing they are reforming! Otherwise you may have got lost in the shadow of their publicity! Everyone knows by now you haven’t made it until you’ve been interviewed by Gongleshanks! Do you know Abba? They come from Sweden like you:-)

‘Well, ABBA do make some good music. But it’s nothing compared to the amazing pickled herring. Not to forget the mustard herring. A midsummer in Sweden without herring and adultery is like a Mojito without rum.’

Abba Jar 2


😂 If music be the food of love eh??

Speaking of food Jon, do you like chickee in the baskee??

See I’ve done my research on Sweden and discovered your famous Swedish chef Mr Muppet show!

‘And speaking of midsummer the Chickee in the Baskee actually got invented during a midsummers eve when someone forgot to bring the basketball, and since in Sweden not only polar bears, but also chickens run around in the street… the yearly midsummer basketball game was rescued.’

<Gongle pauses for a moment> As Bob Dylan would say “Nurse, get yer pad, the boy’s insane.”

Do you know Yngwie Malmsteen ?? He comes from Stockholm you see! (This is proving to be very educational! I’ll know all there is to know about Sweden when I’ve finished!)

‘actually I was the one teaching yngwie guitar 😂’

<Gongle falls off his chair then jumps up quickly and dusts himself down hoping nobody noticed> Hey Mister I do the teasing around here ok? because I’m a rebel:-) which leads me smoothly into Jon’s next song:

Thank you Jon for the laughs and the beautiful music!

If you would like to know more about Jon visit the following links:

If you like Jon’s music please support him by buying his CD’s


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