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Well …. I think this one is going to test my research skills! Captain Sib states on Twitter that:

Captain Sib is the greatest band to have never gigged.

That’s all I know so far – apart from the fact that I like their music!

Then I found this on their website:

For many years we have talked of how to describe what it is that we do. Everytime we fail and end up rocking back and forth wearing nothing but tin foil pants and a freshly microwaved slipper. So, whilst we have a wee think of who we are, here is what someone else has said about us.

Captain SIB continues to create sophisticated indie rock and pop music without ever appearing live on stage. (that’s the gist of it anyway:-)

Formed in 1999 the band consists of   Stuart Ireland, Iain Fraser and Billy Mushet Some of their influences are  : Hawkwind, Porcupine Tree, Pink FLoyd, Frank Zappa, Drive-by Truckers, Iron Maiden.

So I suppose that means they are basically a studio band but they certainly create some good stuff:

So CS Why have you never appeared on stage? Is it cos you’re rubbish live or is it cos you want to keep an air of mystery about you?

‘I like the mystery part. The live thing has always been something that we felt took us off the shelf of being proper, respected musicians. It really is just something we never pursued. We have had moments over the years where we’ve went, ok, let’s try and get a set of songs together. We spend a few weeks jamming and getting something done and then we get fed up or something doesn’t feel right. I’m a difficult person to work with. Possibly my own confidence is what has kept us from actually performing. Stuart has played some gigs with his cousin in Canada over the years but me, I’ve yet to break down that wall.’


I noticed that you had done an interview with Nik Turner from Hawkwind. I also noticed another Hawkwind member had commented on your music so I wondered if you had a particular connection to Hawkwind?

We don’t really have much connection to Hawkwind. They were our favourite band for a long time and inspired some of our songs. We’d been listening to them since we were 15. The whole psychedelic, space rock genre was really big in our musical lives back in those days. The funny thing was that when I started doing the internet radio and podcasts I reached out to Nik Turner to try and get permission to be playing the music and to try and catch an interview with him when he was in Glasgow. One of my radio shows was called Iain’s Psychedelic Freakout, 2 hours or indie psychedelic music. It was the more popular of the 2 shows. 
By doing this psychedelic show it opened doors for me to actually chat to lots of the bands who I had been listening to in my teens. Was a great wee part of my life. I would try and do what you’re doing now. Get interviews and all sorts of fun things. It was through this network I got the connection to Nik Turner. Long story short, when I emailed him he never returned a reply for a couple of days and then when he did it was a weird reply. He said something along the lines of, nice one Lem, good try. Or something like that. The thing was he thought it was Lemmy having some weird joke with him because I addressed the email as Iain Fraser, and Lemmy’s name was  Ian Fraser Kilmister so Nik thought he was having a laugh asking to get an interview with him in Glasgow. Anyways, it was a great day meeting Nik and in Spinal Tap fashion we went and got him batteries for his tuner like a couple of wee fan boys, only to spend the only cash we had on us which was for the parking bay where we had parked. Good times.
Steve HIllage was another legend we interviewed that day.’
Yes I see that doing that job would open doors and now, all these years later, the biggest door of all has opened for you! Bet you never dreamed you’d get to be interviewed by a Megastar imp from another planet?
No I must admit I never dreamt that …..’
OK time for another song:

Now, after talking to Iain and after him mentioning Lemmy, I read a newspaper article about Lemmy having a son who was adopted and therefore probably not entitled to a share of Lemmy’s will. It said it was believed the son had a French mother and was now a computer engineer so …..I did my usual ‘putting two and two together’ I’ve found Lemmy’s mysterious son I told myself! Ker ching:-) So I asked Iain:

Is your mother French? I bet you’re Lemmy’s son aren’t you?

‘Haha, unfortunately I am just a mad Scotsman my friend. But yeah those were good times. Meeting Hillage was special too. That was meant to be a interview with the whole of Gong but they never felt like it on the day and we just got Steve. That is me who conducts the interviews also. The funny thing was I had prepared the interview for Steve and Davidd from Gong so when we were told it was just steve I at least still had an interview to go on. If it had been the drummer or someone else I would have been left with nothing so that was a fun day. 👍

I laughed at the lemmy’s son question. I think the closet my mother came to being french was the time she took me for dinner in a french restaurant down in London many moons ago. I ordered the frogs legs and was surprised to discover they had bone in them making the moment all that more crunchy. I did question this by saying I was not aware there would be bone involved in this feast. I was quickly corrected by my mother when she explained the frogs couldn’t get about much if there wasn’t any bones in the legs. Funny the things you learn from your folks.’

Hmm I expect it would be quite entertaining watching frogs getting about if they didn’t have bones! A bit like watching jellies running around the gaff……. For some reason Iain, the human phrase ‘village idiot’ came to mind when you said that:-)

I still think he brushed over that question and changed the subject pretty quickly! What do you think?…..

Here’s a relatively good track (See what I did there?) ;

Iain tells me that their new album will be out in June, it’s called The Dream Commander. There will be a single drop before the album but he’s not sure what it will be yet. You can join the mail list via the website – which he designed – and keep up to date with all things Sib.

Follow them on facebook:

and Twitter:

As I always say, if you like their music PLEASE support them by buying their CDs!

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