‘Aliens and whatnot
aliens and whatnot
beep beep robot!
sci-fi and all that
Shatner 2
Shatner first emerged through some kind of swrirly vortex thing in about 2004 and has popped in and out of existence ever since. They have made three well-reviewed albums. The current line-up has been together since 2015 and consists of:
Jim Bower – guitars, singing, songwriting
Rick Bower – bass, occasional singing
Paul Morricone – guitar
Anthony Sargeant – drums and singing
Sarah Niven – singing and percussion
‘Shatner first emerged through some kind of swrirly vortex thing in about 2004 and has popped in and out of existence ever since.’ ??

This is EXACTLY how the Grimniens arrived! – no spaceships involved! Have the humans tried to capture you and experiment on you? I’ve heard some horror stories but so far, managed to avoid capture.
‘The swirly vortex was a portal from the year 2364, and although we are a little bit more evolved than present day humans – with various cyber-implants – we look much the same. So long as we don’t extend our head-aerials or biomechanical genitals in public, nobody notices.’
Mmmm I know what you mean but …. that type of thing tends to get humans noticed too – and arrested! 🙄
So you can’t get enough of spaceships ‘n’ stuff? I have you well sussed! You’re aliens aren’t you? There are more of us on this planet than people realise! You’re not from Grimney like me because Grimniens don’t go Woo:
‘We’re not aliens, we are from the future. The future is cool. Everyone has their own spaceship and personal sex robot.’
You’re from the future?? Ahem, I’m not asking this for myself you understand because I’m a zillionaire! I’m asking for a friend …. What are the winning lotto numbers for July 14th?
’12, 26, 34, 35, 40, 42
Although I’m not telling you which July 14th’
😂😂😂 and to think I …. I mean, my friend was going to give you half if he won!
 Here’s a little glimpse of what the future holds as far as ‘in talk’ goes:
Wow! I thought only Grimniens could hang upside down like your drummer and float like the guitarist!
‘In the future doctors prescribe medicines that literally make you ‘high’.
Really? I wonder how these medicines were developed, I hope it doesn’t mean the Grimniens were captured and their genes used in the preparation of said medicines!

Another tune from this amazing band:

 You need to get a new keyboard! You have some letters missing ….Did you know?
‘That was just laziness. Typing all the letters was too much effort – so we left a few out. In our world, the sex robots also do the typing.’
Jim I contacted Sarah to ask if you would be interested in being featured as a hidden gem and she passed me on to you. Can I assume from that – because you are from the future – that this planet is going to go back to normal where men are in charge and women know their place? or …..are you too scared to admit that! 😂😂😂
‘no, in the future, the machines are in charge.’
Very diplomatic answer!:-)
To find out more about Shatner visit the following links:
Thank you Jim and Sarah for making this possible. As always folks if you like their music please support them by buying their music.

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