Attention all Hidden Gems and their readers

Hello everybody

I hope you’re all enjoying the rain! 😊I haven’t been writing blogs or anything for quite a while because I’ve been too busy enjoying the sunshine …. well, the shade anyway! Then I got to thinking I’m not really being fair to my zillions of fans am I? They’ll all be sad and depressed because I’m not around to amuse them.

What a dilemma, on the one hand zillions of fans hanging on to my every word, on the other hand an imp who wants to be out and about playing tricks on all the sun loving humans ……. then – being the genius that I am – it came to me ……

What I’ll do (I thought) to keep all my doting public amused while I’m out and about being impish, I’ll go back in time and do a series of repeats – bit like the TV people do you know? So, to save me doing any work for the rest of the year I’m going to repeat all the hidden gems who have been featured so far. The Megastar is a genius I hear you cry!

So, starting from tomorrow I will be sharing all the hidden gems with you for the second time just to remind you how great I ….. erm, they are! So there you have it, the great Megastar is officially on holiday for the rest of the year ✈🌴🚢⛅

swimming 2a
Gongle on his jollies

Of course I’ll still pop in for chats and retweet your tweets when I’m bored …. err when I get a chance:-) and I’ll be tuning in to the Luff on Thursdays so don’t fret 🎸 – see what I did there?? – your favourite Megastar is still hovering around, in fact, if you’re bathing in the sun and a bucket of water pours over your head it’s probably the Megastar imp getting into mischief 👿

I’ll just leave you with this thought:

Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be. – Don Quixote

Tara for now

Gongle x

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