In case you’ve been on another planet (ha ha) for the past five years, my name is Gongleshanks and I am from planet Grimney. I arrived here some time ago with my fellow Grimniens to help the creatives of planet earth by Tweeting about them on Twitter.

I am an imp and I used to walk on my hands but since arriving here I have learned to walk on my feet. Being a Megastar I found this necessary in order to remain inconspicuous. Of course I still get recognised everywhere I go but …. not as much as I did when I walked on my hands!

This was me when I first arrived on your planet:


Although I’m the biggest Megastar in the universe I am often quite approachable so don’t be afraid to speak to me, especially if you are a musician, artist, author or any type of creative human who would like me to tweet about you on my Twitter page