News from Gongle

I have a new girlfriend and she’s MUCH nicer than my last girlfriend AnMarie in every department…..she’s MUCH prettier, talented and amusing and more importantly she does as she is told ….which is refreshing for a human woman!

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You Humans….TCH!

Actually it was a lucky escape for me because she refused point blank to do my ironing and even had the cheek to tell me to do my own ironing!! I really think you earth men need to put your feet down before it’s too late!

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Happy New Year:-)

You may have noticed Steve Luff is not broadcasting on BlackCat radio at the moment, I have it on good authority that he has been kidnapped by music loving aliens and is somewhere on the other side of the galaxy.

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Please Play My Song!

Originally posted on steveluffradio:
It’s been my privilege over a number of years to receive songs from New Artists looking for airplay. In the 21st Century, Social Media has changed the dynamic between broadcaster and performer-here are some thoughts that might help….. 1.Radio is still listened to by most people, even if it is just…

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Orphanage requires help

Hi everyone One of our ‘Hidden gems’ – Keith and Jenny Raby have been in touch and asked if I can post a message for them. The following message is written by the singer/songwriters and I am pleased to be able to help them with their Christian work by getting the word out for them. […]

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