Jayna Jennings

‘Do not neglect to show kindness to strangers; for, in this way, some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests.’

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Jayna Jennings

Jayna Jennings is an American musician who began her career in 2013. She wrote her first song on a dare in 2011 and later, began learning guitar and piano.

Once in every super blue blood moon you hear a voice and think ‘That’s the voice of an angel’ This was the thought that crossed my mind when I first heard Jayna’s voice. Have a listen and see if you agree:

She looks like an angel, walks like an angel, talks like an angel, sounds like an angel so she is either an angel who fell to earth or …… she’s fallen out of an Elvis Presley song! EEEK! I hope it’s not the latter:-)

Well, does she answer questions like an angel or …. is she a bit of a devil?;

So Jayna,

I read that you wrote your first song on a bus when you were 11 and wondered:

Did you not have any paper? Did you get into trouble for vandalising the bus?

‘I did have paper, but I didn’t have a pen. Just a lone can of spray paint… and a metal yellow canvas that just happened to double as a bus. Just kidding! I had a notebook and a pencil in my little back pack. No vandalism from me! 😊’

You said in an interview that if you weren’t making music you’d probably be a painter or a writer:

Do you think you’d really be happy decorating houses? I expect you’d be happier being a prolific writer like ol’ Gongle!:-)

I think being a prolific writer like you would be a fabulous job! Although, if I became a painter I could paint over other people’s first songs that are written on buses…’

Wow! No wonder you lost your wings making comments like that! Watch that halo doesn’t slip:-)

Wrap up warm before you listen to the next song:

In the song ‘frozen’ you say:

‘I’m frozen in this icy wasteland, your hands used to keep me warm’

Have you not got a hot water bottle Jayna? I’ve heard they’re very good for keeping you warm!

‘I don’t have a hot water bottle. I forgot to bring it with me to the icy wasteland! It wasn’t listed on the “Things to Pack to Ensure a Fun Trip!” list that I found on Pinterest.’

The musicians on ‘Courtyards and Aviaries are great! Who are they?

‘The musicians on Courtyards & Aviaries are me (obviously – guitar, piano, vocals)), George Sandler (from Brother Pudge) (drums), Don McCook (from Squinting Patrick) (whistle), Matt Mundy (from Aquarium Rescue Unit) (mandolin), Jimmy Loudermilk (background guitar), and Mark Mundy (from Across the Wide) (producer, bass, electric guitar).’

Time for another track from the album:

Why does the person in the song not love your back Jayna? What’s wrong with it?

‘Haha! I am blessed that there is nothing wrong with my back but in the songwriting process “Love Me in Return” or “Love Me in Reciprocation” seemed to have to many syllables and didn’t fit.’

I noticed that you host ‘unsigned chat’. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it so what is it about and how did you come to host it?

‘UnsignedChat is the American version of #MusicHourUK! It’s a platform for indie artists to share their music with the hashtag. Matt from #MusicHourUK DMed me and asked if I would be interested in hosting a US twitter hour. I said yes so he worked his twitter magic and all of a sudden there it was!

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention housework to Jayna, it isn’t because I’m going soft in my old age but I believe that angels are probably exempt from that sort of thing! Jayna is a commited Christian and apart from her earthly gigs she sings in church so I’m finishing off with a beautiful version of Emmanuel:

Thank you Jayna for chatting to ol’ Gongle and sharing your beautiful music with us. If you want to get to heaven please support Jayna by buying her CD’s. You can find out more by visiting the following links:


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