Art Block

‘I’ve never been interviewed before by a Megastar imp from another planet but, hey there’s a first time for everything.’

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Good News!

Hello fans:-) I just wanted to let you know that Melodie Melia is too busy to do another series of ‘Hidden Gems’ Since working for VoiceBoxLive she has been offered a very senior position with some International newspaper so good riddance to her I say! Anyway I’ve decided that I’m going to do the next […]

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News from Gongle

I have a new girlfriend and she’s MUCH nicer than my last girlfriend AnMarie in every department…..she’s MUCH prettier, talented and amusing and more importantly she does as she is told ….which is refreshing for a human woman!

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You Humans….TCH!

Actually it was a lucky escape for me because she refused point blank to do my ironing and even had the cheek to tell me to do my own ironing!! I really think you earth men need to put your feet down before it’s too late!

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