Karena K

‘Indeed, I am from up north, but from t’other side o’t Pennines to’t Ee bye gum brigade.

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Art Block

‘I’ve never been interviewed before by a Megastar imp from another planet but, hey there’s a first time for everything.’

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Martyn Joseph

Honesty, integrity, passion and a real love and devotion to those who listen and to some extent rely on you are often vacant from both politicians and artists. I try to remember that”.

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Denise Moser

Denise Moser I must say, this lady was an absolute pleasure to interview! She was refreshingly open and honest, and gave me so much information that it was difficult to decide what to leave out. She has been a good friend to the Grimnien team for many years, and is fun as well as exceptionally […]

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The Spins

Alessia has been on the professional drumming scene since 1990. She was the drummer for Italian pop band B-NARIO who were the oprning act for Michael Jackson’s History World Tour in Milan on June 18th 1997. She played on Jeff Beck’s Grammy award winning track ‘Hammerhead’ featured on the album ‘Emotion and Commotion.’

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